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We offer our party room to members only, we encourage you to take part in our programming and classes. If you are enrolled in a program or class and develop a relationship with the program director or a board member and would like them to sponsor a function for you, you may ask them then. All parties must be approved by the board. Once you become a member, you may leave a message to request the room by calling 718-885-1145 with the date of the event and the person’s name willing to sponsor you (which means taking personal responsibility for the function as well as providing access on that day).  Please read Terms and Conditions below.

We are an entirely volunteer run organization and appreciate
any membership support but 
we discourage members
enrolling soley for the hope of using our space for a
private function.


Please fill out your request  below. 


Party Room Request Form

You must be a member of the center.



Fee and Deposit

  •  $30.00 per hour for renting the Center.

  •  Deposit in the amount of $150.00 and full payment must be accompany the application form to reserve the center. The deposit will be returned one week after the event, after the board has inspected the Center and determined that it has been returned to the prior condition before the end of the rental period, and loss or damage has occurred.

  • CANCELLATION of the event by the individual or organization for any reason shall forfeit the deposit. Deposit will not be required if cancellation is due to a verifiable death in the immediate family of the individual or organization. Cancellation by the individual or organization due to a major snow storm that is in progress on the date of event must be received no later than 12 noon on the date of the event.

Fire, Safety, and Good Order

  • The User is held responsible for the preservation of order at all activities and must maintain a sound level which does not disturb others

  • The User shall be responsible for the conduct, behavior and actions of its members, guests, agents, suppliers, contractors, and subcontractors.

  • The User shall be responsible for property damage to the Center, its furnishings, and equipment.

  • The User shall be responsible for compliance with fire and public safety laws

  • No person using the Center shall permit any obstruction either by persons or objects to exits, stairway, or emergency exits.

  • Smoking and Drinking is not permitted at any time in or around the Center. The center DOES do random inspections to ensure this is being followed.

Kitchen and Set-Up

  • The User is responsible for: Providing food, beverages, paper goods, and containers. The User may use our kitchen appliances. Any outside support services which include catering services are not part of this Areement.The User can put up decorations or scenery or move furniture as they like.


  • Evening functions (including necessary clean-up) must end by 10:00 PM.

  • The User shall return the Center to its condition before the event at the end of the rental period.

  • Whether or not the User employs a caterer, the User remains responsible for leaving the premises clean and tidy

  • Turning off the lights and Closing all windows, and check all doors must be locked.

  • The User shall report any damage no later than the following day to the Center. If the User leaves the property, facilities or equipment in an unclean condition, the Center shall use the $150.00 deposit as a cleaning fee and the deposit will not be returned.Failure in any will result in loss of deposit.

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city island party room wedding
city island party room graduation
city island party room baby shower
  • Removing all event-related food, drink, garbage, and decorations from the premies

  • Cleaning, sweeping, and wet-mopping as needed in the kitchen, serving areas, and Center floor

  • Cleaning and unplugging any appliance that was used and leaving it in the condition it was foundCleaning all tables and counter surfaces

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